WordPress Website Development vs. Installation

Most people believe they know what website development means. In fact, most people use the terms “website designer” and “web developer” interchangeably. These simple misconceptions can add a lot of confusion and communication problems down the line, and even hurt you when choosing a company to design and develop your next website.

There are actually three distinct categories of people that work on websites:

  • Web Designers – These digital professionals are responsible for the look and feel of the website. They do touch into functionality but only as it pertains to user experience (UX/ UI). Designers also have many layers and levels of skillsets. Designers, like any other professional, are not all created equal, and any designer that does not confer with a developer when creating a new look and feel could not be considered to be a “professional” by any standard.
  • Web Developers – These digital professionals are responsible for the functionality of your website. They ensure that it works as expected, operates in the browsers you choose and functions in the way you expect on your chosen devices. They are also responsible for integrating any designs that are handed to them and serve as a check and balance system for designers and the designs that they produce. Developers write code and create custom functionality for websites.
  • Web Installers (Webmasters) – Think of web installers like a cable guy. You would likely not install your own cable but you could if you learned a few things. These digital professionals understand basic, fundamental concepts like simple WordPress installation, basic configuration of WP plugins, theme installation and set up, website testing tools, basic html, CSS and WYSIWYG formatting and how each part interplays. This means they can quickly identify what type of issue a website may be having to get the problem to the correct professional quickly.

There are many types of digital professionals that fall into sub-categories of each major branch and have specialties of their own, but any custom web shop will have at least a developer and designer on staff. Pollen Brands serves its purpose driven clients by employing professionals that encompass each part of the build process. Because we are a custom shop, we require a web strategist to help with the initial phases like planning, and a well synchronized design and development team to execute those plans.

If you are in the market for a custom website, please ensure the company you choose has at least a design department, development department and web strategy department to facilitate a proper and expeditious build. The creation of custom websites is an art form that requires a team of professionals to be well executed. Your website is worth doing your homework for!