Think WordPress is Only for Small Business? Think Again.

Many people are under the mistaken perception that WordPress is only good for solo-preneurs or small businesses. There are lots of rumors about what it can handle and what it can’t. We would like to put to rest any misconceptions about WordPress so that people can make choices based on facts instead of feelings or hearsay.

WordPress powers some very large hitters in the digital space. CNN, for example, is run on WordPress and a very good example of what this CMS based platform is built to do. If your business is about organizing and delivering content, we would argue that WordPress is the best choice. Here are some other content driven brands that make great use of this flexible platform specifically for its CMS:

  • CBS New York
  • Harvard Business Review Blogs
  • MTV News
  • The New Yorker
  • TechCrunch
  • Sony Music
  • Time Inc.
  • BBC America

But what about e-commerce? Can WordPress handle products? Yes, it can. Here are just a few e-commerce sites run on WordPress and stats showing just how powerful WooCommerce is in the digital space:

  • The Spectator – This well established UK brand (184 years old) runs its digital presence on WooCommerce. Here are the stats:
    • 23K Global Alexa Rating, 2.5 Million Page Views/Month
  • HypeBeast – This large e-commerce shop looks great and hosts 4000+ products.
    • 4100+ products, 1.6K US, 4K Global Alexa Rating
  • Bookstore
    • 660 US Alexa Rating, 93 Million Monthly PageViews

The bottom line is that unless you plan on creating a monster website, larger than the ones above, WordPress can likely do what you need it to do. Remember that with WordPress, you are not paying for the platform, just the development/set up time and any custom design or functionality (usually a paid plugin) you desire above and beyond the common staples.

Custom design and integration for websites is an art form. Many of the sites listed above employ custom design and, in knowledgeable hands, the WordPress platform takes very well to custom design. Each Pollen Brands customer has chosen custom design, mainly because purpose driven businesses have a need to stand out from the crowd. If you are a purpose driven business and are considering custom design, please take a look at our beautiful case studies to get a better idea of our process, abilities and typical customer.