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We design and launch purposeful brands for shelves, screens and in-between. Our clients say we “just get it.” We do, so that your customers will too.

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Packaging seems like a small detail to some, but it’s actually a pretty big deal. On a competitive shelf-set, you only have a small piece of real estate–and sometimes as little as a few seconds–to make as strong an impression as possible. You want to stand out in the aisle, so customers can spot your tree among a forest of other brands, then engage each customer with strong brand architecture and hierarchy. Whether you’re launching or innovating a new product, or extending an existing brand, Pollen will help you design packaging that says, “pick me!” to your desired audience. Let us help catch your customer’s eye!


Every brand is as distinctive as a fingerprint, and here at Pollen, we look what’s special in every brand we represent. We also know every brand is a complex ecosystem of different presences, and we help you cultivate each aspect: web design, print strategy, packaging, photography, and moving images. We want your brand to shine in every way possible!

Web Strategy, Design & Development

Pollen started small, and strictly in terms of size, we’ve remained small – but through the years, we’ve gathered the experience and chops people tend to associate with bigger firms. Still, we haven’t gotten too big for our britches! We’ve still got the passion, humility, and personalized feel you might expect from a smaller agency.

Our web development process is more than just tech and coding, it’s an extension of the overall creative process. Color, hovering images, and animation are just a few of the ways a website can animate your message for each visitor. We have an extensive toolkit to merge technology with design, and we’ll give your brand a web presence that will inform and engage every customer.


Compelling imagery can be the foundation of a meaningful brand, and photography can be the foundation of your brand’s presence. Just like your logo, your photographic presentation should be unique to your brand and its message–and that often means a custom photo shoot. Here at Pollen, we’re proud of our in-house photographic capabilities and have relationships with seasoned expert photographers. Let us put your best face forward to the world!

Video and Motion

Here at Pollen, we have a fully integrated video and motion graphics department. We’ll do more than just shoot your video–we’ll help with planning and creating your storyboards, as well as audio/visual editing, graphics, and interactivity. Let’s put your brand in motion!


Some people think Pollen is just a web agency, but we’re much more! We pride ourselves in our versatility, and we love helping our clients market themselves in print as much as on the web. Our print services include helping with type, layout, color, and concept development.