Responsive from a Different Perspective

You are probably familiar with Responsive Web Design ( but you might not know that even though it is now considered the “default” way of making websites today it’s actually pretty new.

In the last few years something interesting has happened and we hope that you’ll consider a different way of thinking about responsive. We know how much a realistic “responsive viewpoint” has helped the socially and environmentally responsible organizations we work with reach the folks they serve.

An iPhone is expensive. For years mobile has been thought of as a place where we’ll find early adopters – young people, affluent people, people who will spend money on expensive things.

In the last few years things have changed quite a bit in the mobile space and that brings us to what we want you to think about today.

​Responsive Web Design is the best way to reach lower income groups and those in developing nations.

​​You might be surprised by that statement – it runs counter to all of the images of affluent people using apple pay to buy gold trinkets, but it’s true.

The Pew Research Center does a great job of helping us understand trends and their Demographics of Device Ownership article ( is no exception.

In the United States 86% of folks with household income under 30K have a cell phone.

By contrast, the same report shows us that only 50% of households with income under 30K per year have a desktop or laptop computer.

Mobile phones may be expensive, but they are still generally cheaper than a home computer, especially when included as part of a phone plan. Also consider that many developing nations are flooded with first-world nations’ previous-generation throwaway phones.

While mobile remains an important shopping channel for many different groups we hope that when you consider mobile you’ll remember that Responsive Web Design is the best way to reach lower income groups.