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Pollen Brands Supports the Tunnel to Towers Event

On September 11, 2001 firefighters on their way to ground–zero were stopped by police from entering the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel, concerned it might be attacked, trapping them inside. Many abandoned their vehicles, strapped their gear on their backs, and ran over three miles through the tunnel to the twin towers, where they died – saving others. Humanitarian groups from all over the world come together to honor their memory and to follow in their footsteps by running through the Brooklyn Tunnel to the place where the towers once stood, by participating in the annual Tunnel-to-Towers event. The participation fee is used to construct special housing units for veterans who have lost three or all of their limbs in combat.

Among participating groups was Veterans Rebuilding Life (VRL) a nonprofit organization sponsored by Pollen Brands since it’s inception in 2010. VRL’s mission is to provide medical treatment to children harmed by war and offer reintegration services for severely disabled American soldiers. 100% of all donations provided to VRL directly aid this mission. Inspired by VRL’s cause, Pollen Brands volunteered their professional services pro bono. Pollen is responsible for the design and development of VRL’s branding identity, utilizing their expertise in graphic design, web development, videography, animation and photography – always free of charge. With the completion of VRL’s branding identity, Pollen addressed the final task of how VRL obtains funds. This was achieved by documenting VRL members during the Tunnels to Towers fundraising event. By recording hours of footage and taking hundreds of photographs, Pollen captured footage that accurately portrays the joint humanitarian event in its truest form. Seen above is Pollen Co-Founder Joey Rosa, (left) recording VRL team member Leroy Hines this year’s Tunnels to Towers Event at Ground Zero in New York City. Since the completion of the project, the media assets developed at the event have been used by Pollen Brands for a variety of VRL projects, including the organizations responsive website, viral videos and online advertising, all of which received rave reviews from both VRL members and their supporters. For more information on VRL and the annual event, please visit: