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Eco-Branding Website Smackdown : Apple Vs Windows

Customers, employees, investors and other stakeholders want to know that your organization takes the environment seriously. Your site’s eco-branding pages should be crafted with as much care as your product pages. To illustrate what to do and what not to do when creating your eco-branding pages, we’ve compared the eco-branding pages of the two largest software competitors below.

Let’s start with what not to do:

  • cluttered page
  • heavy with small text, mostly undifferentiated
  • ambiguous message
  • lack of specific measurements
  • no meaningful graphics

For such a massive company, in an industry that faces many environmental challenges, Microsoft’s eco-branding pages are shockingly dismal. They appear as an obligatory after-thought.

Apple, on the other hand, sets a shining example of what an eco-branding page should include.

The eco-branding pages of

Apple’s page does many things right.

  • from the top, succinctly presents Apple’s environmental corporate values statement
  • it is extremely easy to navigate to specific points of interest
  • clearly states specific facts and figures in a scannable and visually interesting way
  • uses simple infographics to illustrate key figures
  • there is not an ounce of ambiguous jargon
  • it is quite simply, a beautiful design! this in itself shows visitors that Apple cares enough to put the same level of effort into designing their eco-branding pages as their marketing pages.

Did we miss any points? Do you have other examples of what to do and what not to do? Please share!