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Closed Loop Fund Brand and Website Launched

The Closed Loop Fund  brings together consumer goods companies and retailers to create economic value by increasing recycling rates. The Closed Loop Fund provides 0% interest loans to municipalities and below market interest loans to private companies to develop local and recycling infrastructure, with an aim to invest $100m over the next 5 years. Their ultimate goal is to ensure that all consumer products and packaging is recycled and returned for use in manufacturing new products and packaging and that all food waste is used for beneficial purposes such as donation to food banks or converted to compost or clean energy from anaerobic digestion.

Pollen Brands is thrilled to have launched the Closed Loop Fund’s brand and website late this year. After initially consulting with the team to understand the heart of the organization, we created a range of brand platforms for collaboration, exploring the spectrum of the organization’s attributes, and ultimately refined a brand that is polished and authoritative, while still conceptual and meaningful.

After completing the brand identity, we fast-tracked a web design and development project. Through a flexible and open design process, we were able to meet a very tight deadline successfully — creating a website that is very quick and responsive, and just as enjoyable on mobile, tablet and desktop. We look forward to continuing to evolve the Closed Loop Fund brand, website and more!

See the full Closed Loop Fund case study here.