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Responsive from a Different Perspective

You are probably familiar with Responsive Web Design (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Responsive_web_design) but you might not know that even though it is now considered the “default” way of making websites today it’s actually pretty new. In the last few years something interesting has happened and we hope that you’ll consider a different way of thinking about responsive. We…


Study Finds: Less Educated People Are Less Favorable of Green Technology

A recent survey conducted by Pike Research evaluated consumer opinions of 13 different energy and environmental concepts. The general trend across the board is that less educated people are less favorable of green technology such as solar, wind, electric vehicles and smart grids. I would go out on a limb with the assumption that these…


Your Corporate Values Statement Doesn’t Need To Be Booooring

Are you recycling the same over-used jargon for your corporate values statement? Get creative! Check out this gem from ’04 that I dug up from Yahoo’s info pages. All seems ordinary with Yahoo’s Corporate Values Statement here, but read on… Have you taken fun into consideration when communicating your company’s values?