Pollen Brands


ZGiRLS is an 8-month annual program that is designed to help girls to succeed in sport and life by providing mentorship, education and support. ZGiRLS educates and empowers girls to become more confident, centered and courageous women, and aspires to help girls knock down all internal barriers (the self-doubt, fear, and insecurity) and operate from a place of ZERO limitations.


Pollen Brands freshened ZGiRLSā€™s look from their identity to website by developing a look and feel that captures energy of the fun, young, confident girls that ZGiRLS works with.


  • Brand Identity
  • Brand Collateral
  • Website Design


Pollen explored a wide range of identity options across the brand personality spectrum, including cute, fun, sporty and sophisticated.


Ultimately, the final ZGiRLS logo is both playful and sophisticated, mirroring the ZGiRLS mission of empowering young women through athletic mentorship. The logo is bold and iconic, while still feeling hand-crafted.


Engaging and simple, ZGiRLS website vibrates with the fresh, energetic minty blue, re-emphasizing its goal to help girls become more successful women. Great care was taken to structure and design the considerable content of the site to help users understand exactly what ZGiRLS does and how they can become involved.