Pollen Brands


Veterans Rebuilding Life is a certified non-profit organization, created and run by veterans, that helps wounded children and veterans that are harmed in the crossfire of war.


Pollen Brands helped build the brand from the ground up - starting with the design of an iconic and heroic brand identity that captured the emotional tone of the organization. Subsequent steps involved crafting a visual strategy, website, and motion graphics video to communicate all of the important aspects of VRL.


  • Brand Identity
  • Visual Strategy
  • Website Design & Programming
  • Illustration
  • Video
  • Motion Graphics
  • Photography


Website Design

Working closely with the board, Pollen was able to craft an online strategy and user experience designed to educate the user about both the veteran and child missions. A mixture of photography, hand drawn elements, and custom typographic lock-ups, made the translation of a large amount of content appear more approachable and user-friendly.

Responsive Design

Understanding the users will be viewing the site on many different devices, Pollen designed the website to be responsive. All of the layouts were designed to accommodate not only a regular web browser, but to be viewed in an ideal setting against all touch-points.


Creating a motion graphics video is a tremendous opportunity to communicate a lot of information in an effective and experiential way. The team at Pollen not only planned and scripted the story, but handcrafted all of the assets from scratch. After creating the asset library, we brought the story to life in a highly immersive animated piece.