Specialty Dutch cheese makers that service markets across the world

Photography | Art Direction | Web Design

In the 1950’s a small cooperative of cheese makers came together to share their knowledge and resources to create what is known today as Uniekaas. This formation helped to build one of the leaders in the Dutch cheese market.


Uniekaas desired a new, responsive website to make viewers' mouths water while still being elegant and contemporary. With a long, rich history, it was important to convey the craftsmanship of the cheese, while keeping the design fresh and lively.

Web Design

The Uniekaas website design strikes a balance between a rustic, artisanal aesthetic and a contemporary, elegant feel. The combination of textures and vibrant photography with clean type and iconography makes for a rich user experience.


Pollen art directed and commissioned an extensive photoshoot to showcase Uniekaas’s beautiful cheese and food pairings. These photos were used to bring their new website to life and for use in future materials.