Web Design | Iconography | Digital Brand System Extension | Video & Photo Journalism

UBELONG is a social venture that empowers people to make a difference in communities around the world by offering them affordable and flexible opportunities to volunteer abroad.


The wonderful people at UBELONG wanted to provide their website visitors with very easy and quick tools to access exactly the information that they were looking for, without sacrificing fun and interactivity. While including a large amount of very important content and features, the key balance to be struck was between usability and personality.

Web Design

Re-creating the UBELONG website was very much a process of re-creating the UBELONG brand as a whole. An entirely new visual system was created, including color coding, custom iconography, photo styling, and a web style guide that truly evolved the brand. Through much collaboration with the client, we struck that ever-important balance between clean/contemporary, and warm and friendly.

The UBELONG site is designed to resize naturally through any screen-size. Pollen made no sacrifices to beauty, usability or content whether on mobile or cinema-display, while still optimizing bandwidth and user experience appropriately.

Video Journalism

Pollen teamed up with Ubelong to come down to the Yucatan and Ghana to document and participate in the expedition immigration through the lens. By capturing and sharing their stories, our hope is to raise awareness for a broader audience so they can truly understand the decisions that need to be made in order to survive and change the quality of life for families of not just immediate families, but the subsequent generations to follow.

Pollen Brands is a rare gem. We looked for months for an agency that could provide first-class design and top-notch technical website capacity; we were looking for an organization where technology experts and design experts truly work together. Pollen Brands is at the forefront of design innovation: collaborative problem solving with the highest standards of quality and an uncompromising commitment to excellence

Raul Roman

Co-Founder, UBELONG