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Tiny Hero

A fresh fun quinoa brand, on a mission to show the world how a little grain can make a mighty meal

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Our design and development of Tiny Hero’s website was the very first step to rolling out a strategic wave of campaigns, commercials and POS promotions in-store and online.

Since launch, Tiny Hero has seen amazing growth and extended it’s fun, healthy and delicious line to a range of side dishes, on-the-go snacks, breakfast bowls, and more.


To help Tiny Hero move quinoa from a specialty grain to an everyday food for everyday people.

Web Design

Bringing Tiny Hero to life online was a thrill. We knew our target market of millennials were a special breed that wouldn’t just hand over their attention, we’d have to earn it with meaningful content that brought joy and showed how cool quinoa could be. The site layout is inspired by superhero comics but the brand voice and user experience are what make it truly powerful.

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It’s quick, healthy, delicious, and saves you a lot! If you don’t see the super in those powers we don’t know what to tell you. It was time to reveal Tiny Hero’s secret brand identity and whereabouts to the world, so we animated a commercial that captured the imagination and launched the mission of Tiny Hero – to save the world from boring meals.

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Pollen came into the picture very early on and helped us really build out what our brand meant. They really understood our brand voice and how we wanted to bring it to life when we didn’t have a lot of examples to base it off of, which was key.

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Christie Lee

VP of Marketing, Tiny Hero