Pollen Brands


The St. Rita Baseball Believe Band was created by Andy Castellanos to raise awareness of St. Rita, the patron saint of the impossible dreams and the patron saint of baseball. In life and baseball, miracles happen every day. The Saint Rita Baseball Believe Band not only gives hope but also gives back by donating a portion of its proceeds to underprivileged children, cancer victims and many more causes.


We want to use the St. Rita Baseball Believe Band as a vehicle to encourage both baseball and non-baseball fans that anything is possible if you believe!


  • Brand Exploratory
  • Web Design
  • Social Media
  • Digital Marketing
  • Collateral Design


We conduct our brand exploratories in a craft-oriented manner that enables us to think outside the box and work up ideas that are unique and proprietary.

Branding Exploratory

We explored a wide range of themes to communicate various concepts that corresponded with both the sporty and spirituality side of the brand.

Final Branding

The final logo is a beautiful balance of all of the brand attributes combined to form a clean, premium and witty brand mark.

Responsive Website

All web pages were designed and programmed to accommodate responsive layouts.