Pollen Brands


So She Did is a not-for-profit social movement with the mission to help women invest in themselves from the inside out.


We were engaged to redesign a powerful and conversational brand with a graphical focus around the queen's chess piece. The queen's chess piece represents the most powerful chess piece on the board - symbolizing how women today can move in any direction, command the whole game, and master their destinies.


  • Brand Design
  • Collateral
  • Promotional Materials
  • Web Design
  • Programming and Responsive Development


The Pollen team started by crafting a wide spectrum of concepts - introducing many different angles and directions to communicate the queen's chess piece in an effective and proprietary manner.


The chosen identity is a wonderful hybrid of elements that presents a powerful, confident but still personal brand. We've incorporated sophisticated san-serifs, textural handwritten type, as well as a strong, iconic queen's piece that is built into the most actionable word in the sentence.

WEBSITE DESIGN - Before & After

We created a highly visual and informative website to showcase various pieces of content ranging from: thought-provoking and enriching articles, company stories, video and a strong social media presence to help engage and impact a very wide audience of young women.


All of the layouts were extended to to display beautifully across all touch points - ensuring that all users could access the website and navigate its content effortlessly while utilizing a variety of different devices.