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Now here’s a drink that packs a punch! Smartfruit’s concentrated fruit smoothy mixes are meant to be used as the base ingredient for all of your delicious beverage (or even snacking) needs, or simply mixed with water to be enjoyed immediately. 100% real fruit mixes, boosted with highly functional super-foods that deliver all the essential nutrition that nature intended.


Smartfruit's formulas, for years previously, were only available at wholesale to restaurants for use in their products. When Smartfruit's founder decided to offer his delicious mixes to the general public, he knew that he would need a website that both conveyed the incredible freshness of Smartfruit's flavor while clearly portraying it as a base ingredient with infinitely diverse and delicious possibilities.

Web Design

The Smartfruit website is all about ingredients! Fresh fruit, vibrant colors, and endless delicious Smartfruit use ideas abound. The vibrancy and color of the site is almost as impactful as your first taste of Smartfruit — and the user experience is just as smooth!

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