Purpose Snackery

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Purpose Snackery will be building beautiful cafes throughout the country that support purposeful brands and focus on giving their employees access to strong leadership training. We’re proud of the design direction they’ve chosen and even more proud to be working with such great folks.


Pollen conducted a brand exploratory which consisted of designing a range of many different logos – and positioning themes – across a wide range of aesthetics.


The final identity created a wonderful balance of modernity and whimsy. We created a simple lock-up with a slab-serif ‘P’ inside of the circular holding shape that not only supported the first letterform of Purpose, but in a witty way, gave a friendly nod to a charming face with the tongue sticking out.


We always start by crafting our big ideas by hand. This ensures that all ideas are unique and proprietary. We then hone in on our distilled concepts and execute via computer to bring these big ideas to life!

Pollen Brands explored a range of different typographic, iconographic and illustrative designs that displayed a wide range for our clients to choose from.