Pollen Brands


Mission First Housing Group develops and manages affordable, safe and sustainable homes for people in need, with a focus on the vulnerable. They ensure residents have access to resources to help them live independently and deliver housing that provides long-term benefits to residents and neighborhoods, alike.


Mission First Housing Group recently experienced dramatic growth by partnering with a network of real estate developers and property service companies. To visually communicate these changes to their audience, Mission First hired Pollen to rebrand their visual identity, to include a new logo, responsive website, digital presentation templates, and print materials– all with a uniformed design aesthetic.


  • Visual Strategy
  • Brand Development
  • Collateral Design
  • Web Design and Development
  • Responsive Layout Development


To develop a brand that clearly communicates all aspects of Mission First's professional services, Pollen developed a project strategy to organize objectives into phases. We identified key personnel at Mission First whose professional experience matched the needs of a specific project phase. The responsibilities required to complete each phase were clearly communicated to the assigned personnel, and organized into one timeline. By streamlining communication throughout the process, the project was a total success.


Re-creating the Mission First Housing Group site was very much a process of re-creating their brand as a whole. An entirely new visual system was created to include: color coding, photo styling and a web style guide that refreshed the brand's design aesthetic. The final result visually communicates the clean and contemporary aesthetic desired by the client.


The site is designed to resize naturally through any screen-size. Our development team made no sacrifices to beauty, usability, or content whether on mobile or cinema-display, while still optimizing bandwidth and user experience appropriately.


Coming away from the logo exploratory, Pollen's design team had enough creative assets to translate the new design aesthetic into a variety of print collateral, including a letterhead, business cards, brochures and banner displays to name just a few! The image files were produced to meet the technical specifications of any print element, allowing the client to reproduce their new logo on any material they choose.