Pollen Brands


Mindbody Sessions uses an evidence-based approach in building various libraries of audio and video programs that engage users by connecting them online; through one-on-one sessions with leading mindfulness teachers, doctors, and therapists. The program covers a wide range of themes from specific health related needs, to general meditation practices.


Keeping in line with the theme of mind-body, Pollen sought to develop an identity which blended a sophisticated look-and-feel with a soothing, textural and natural theme.


  • Brand Identity
  • Brand Collateral


Pollen created a unique and proprietary brand language by utilizing various mediums to design an identity that was truly one of a kind.

Brand Identity

We always strive to deliver a spectrum of brand marks that focus on many different attributes of the brand personality and explore primary brand themes. This allows our clients to see their brand in new lights and provides a wide range of deliverables to choose from.

Final Identity

The chosen identity was then extended to various brand materials: collateral, signage and digital applications.