Pollen Brands


Lebby is a fire-roasted chick pea snack! Lebby's founders came to Pollen in search of a packaging redesign which included a new brand identity, packaging design, product extensions and more.


To establish Lebby as a fun, quirky and modern product that could disrupt a highly saturated market of healthy snacks. Pollen helped Lebby not only create their brand, packaging and design aesthetic but we then extended the design vernacular to an engaging website, trade show booth and sales materials.


  • branding and packaging design
  • trade show booth design
  • club design
  • responsive web design


Pollen introduced a fun and dynamic design that has helped Lebby generate lots of publicity and attention in their respective category.


Pollen built upon the design language by extending it to an immersive website – filled with dynamic animations, vibrant colors and energetic infographics.

Icons & Typeface

Pollen designed various elements to help Lebby articulate their brand voice – from custom typography to personable process graphics.