Pollen Brands


EkstraStart is a non-profit organization, founded by young people for young people, that offers students work experiences and opportunities. EkstraStart connects young entrepreneurs and students to partner companies that are looking for young, smart, and ambitious people in Sweden, Denmark and Norway.


Our goal was to develop a fresh brand language that felt approachable, smart and progressive – catering to a young audience – and also credible, confident and polished, to speak to prospective employers and corporations.


  • branding
  • collateral
  • splash page


Pollen showcased a wide rage of icons, color systems, typography and lock-ups to give the EkstraStart team a large spectrum to choose from.


Ultimately, the final decision was made by the group of young entrepreneurs whose vision was to create and lead this movement. The final identity symbolizes a starting point – the beginning of a life-changing path or journey.

Landing Page

Pollen extended the brand language to a landing page which gave the audience a quick overview on the company and mission.