Pollen Brands


Designtex is one of the best global resources for applied surface knowledge, innovation and sustainability. They're one of the world's most respected leaders for applied surface solutions.


Pollen collaborated with our friends at Standard Issue to create an educational, info-graphic, animated piece to articulate one of the most innovative solutions to waste in the textile and furniture industry. Working together, Designtex, Steelcase, Unifi and Victor devised a plan to close an open loop and recycle all waste that is created in the manufacturing process.


  • Hand Rendered Illustrations
  • Motion Graphics Video


This fun, fresh and whimsical piece help was an absolute joy to work on. The Pollen team had to create a variety of design styles for the client to choose from. After doing so, we had to then extend that same style to all of the other objects that were going to be presented in the video. After creating all of the assets by hand, we worked closely with the client to bring their story to life in Adobe After Effects.


Working closely with the team from Standard Issue, Pollen translated their thoughts into a motion graphics piece that articulates a process known as a closed loop. This demonstrates how multiple manufactures were able to collaborate to create a more sustainable process by eliminating waste.