Columbus Property Management

Leaders in the management of multi-family housing.

Branding | Collateral | Web Design

Columbus Property Management believes that everyone deserves to live in safe, affordable, sustainable housing, and are committed to conducting business in an ethical, transparent and efficient manner.


To conduct a brand optimization to develop a vernacular for CPM that could communicate the brand consistently across a variety of platforms.


Pollen created a variety of different aesthetics, giving CPM a spectrum of different designs to choose from. We took a more evolutionary approach to the re-design which required us to stay somewhat close-in to current brand attributes and styles. We often refer to this process as a brand optimization.

Web Design

The overall essence on CPM’s website was designed to feel approachable but modern – appealing to a wide spectrum of audiences: investors, residents, managers and more. CPM’s site was designed to responsively extend across many different browsers and devices.