Carolina Wild

A great tasting, healthy juice from an authentic American fruit – the muscadine.

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Bringing this secret blend of muscadines to market not only delivers one of the best sources of antioxidants but it also helps sustain American Muscadine Growers. This new market will transform the land that tobacco forgot into the land of the muscadine creating new economic opportunities and careers ranging from growers to researchers.


To spearhead the visual strategy, branding, packaging and web initiative for Carolina Wild, from the very beginning. This allowed us to craft a truly unique and distinctive positioning and design to differentiate from a highly competitive landscape of beverage products. The relationship has blossomed since its inception, as Pollen continues to define creative solutions and web initiatives as Carolina Wild's official agency of record.

Branding, Packaging and Industrial Design

Pollen has taken a craftsmanship approach to both the structural and branding exploratory. We then created a proprietary bottle shape that communicates the vigorous nature of the muscadine vine, with the twist at the top and a luscious bulbous shape at the bottom – reminiscent of the muscadine grape. The typographic identity lends an irreverent, light hearted personality that is not only unique and whimsical but also bursting with Southern Charm!

Web Design

Gorgeous full-screen video and photography creates a truly immersive experience on the Carolina Wild site. Fun call-outs to the inner sections of the site make navigating from the homepage a joy, while the clean, contemporary typographic system makes absorbing the site’s content smooth and enjoyable.

Using a powerful, customized E-commerce solution for the popular WordPress CMS, Carolina wild can now sell their delicious juice seamlessly online, and easily edit any content on their website in-house.



Pollen documented and captured the creation of the Carolina Wild brand, along with our immersion trips to research and learn about the origin of the product. Before launching, we developed an emotional video to capture the essence of Carolina Wild. This video visually communicated the story to potential investors and consumers. This initiative was a huge success – this engaging piece helped Carolina Wild’s CEO secure many more investors and also obtain future product distribution in stores before even finalizing the manufacturing process.

In the beverage industry more than 300 companies launch every year. Trying to get noticed in this crowd is a real challenge. Working with Pollen Brands we have been successful on multiple fronts. Pollen helped us craft a vibrant and sincere brand story with beautiful images including website, logo, press kit, videos and most impact full of all our packaging. They can do it all!

Dennis Tracz

Founder, Carolina Wild