Pollen Brands


Avida Labs is a new take on cancer therapy, allowing patients to store a sample of their cancer tissue to be used to create individualized genetic treatments in the event of a relapse.


Pollen needed to create a brand and web design that would communicate this very serious message, explaining the process very clearly, while at the same time emphasizing the cutting-edge level of scientific precision involved.


  • Brand Identity
  • Web Design
  • Wordpress Web Development
  • Secure HIPAA-Compliant Form Development

Identity Evolution

The previous identity really missed the mark, displaying visual language that felt industrial, digital and robotic. Pollen created a new identity to speak to a more sophisticated audience. The brand redesign transformed Avida's logo into a company that speaks to its forward-thinking technology and progressive services.

Web Design

We extend all layouts to various browser sizes to ensure optimal user-experience across many different browser sizes and devices.


After honing in on a chosen logo, Pollen extended the rest of Avida's brand language to collateral, press materials, marketing materials and much more!