Pollen Brands


Family owned and operated for 3 generations, 3 Guys from Brooklyn has been a neighborhood establishment for the freshest, most affordable produce in Brooklyn for decades. Utilizing long running relationships and expertise at market, 3 guys gets the cheapest, highest quality fruits and vegetables and pass those savings on to their customers, daily.


Pollen was engaged to develop both a web and design strategy to completely overhaul the existing brand.


  • Branding
  • Print Advertising
  • Advertising Strategy
  • Web, Mobile & Email Design / Development
  • Social Media Design
  • Video Production / Motion Graphics
  • Environmental Graphics
  • Collateral & Apparel


Website Design

Before signing on, 3 Guys was struggling to engage its customers; desperately needing to find new, innovative ways to build community outreach and loyalty. The branding was outdated, inconsistent and communicated an aesthetic that devalued the service and products. Traditional advertising methods were very costly and ineffective. Pollen Brands implemented a complete overhaul, redesigning all aspects of the brand and website. The new website was tailored to depict a more premium and approachable representation of the brand and also delivers effective marketing techniques that can be monitored and analyzed.

Responsive Design

Noticing the large number of customers browsing specials on their phones while in the store, as well as the high percentage of mobile visitors to the site being tracked on Google Analytics, Pollen recommended that the website be designed & developed responsively; the 3 Guys website now adapts appropriately to different screen sizes, providing an optimal experience for all visitors.

Collateral & Apparel

Having 3 Guys on retainer has allowed Pollen Brands to consistently keep the creative juices flowing; implementing monthly and seasonal initiatives that help build upon the strategic foundation that was instilled from the start. Pollen has had an opportunity to build motion graphics videos, in-store packaging, environmental/signage, promotional campaigns, along with changing the site to evoke different seasonal themes. All of these projects have helped establish a robust and cohesive brand language that has elevated the consumer experience; resulting in more customers, increased orders, more time spent in store and more frequency amongst current customers due to mobile and email promotional campaigns.


Pollen Brands’ retainer relationship with 3 Guys from Brooklyn has allowed us to create videos and animations on a regular basis to highlight seasonal sales and company initiatives. Click the play button below to watch the 3 Guys from Brooklyn green video.



Pollen can track and monitor monthly analytics to determine effect strategies to improve performance via email marketing, e-commerce, social media and more. For example, Pollen was able to identify an opportunity for more loyalty program sign-ups and by adding a call-out to the sign-up page on the homepage, the loyalty sign-ups increase by 6% the next month.