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3-Step Cause Marketing Strategy

There are many tools out there to implement your cause marketing strategy, but there are 3 things to keep in mind: the big idea, the plan and the activation.

1. The Big Idea

Maybe you have an idea already, or maybe not. Perhaps you’ve just heard of cause marketing and want to figure out how you could use it for your organization. The big idea is the source of everything else in your cause marketing strategy.

For our client, Lokai, their big idea was to create a great bracelet that contained the water from Mount Everest, the highest point on Earth, and mud from the Dead Sea, the lowest point on Earth, to promote personal balance. A significant portion of proceeds is donated to various charities. These interlocking messages have created a truly massive community around the idea of balance and giving. It’s been wonderful to see!

lokai cause marketing strategy

It needs to click!

Make sure that your big idea is relevant to your product, service or mission so that it just “clicks” with people. Explain ideas to strangers and people who don’t know your organization intimately and see if they immediately “get it” or if you get that confused look.

It needs to be real!

Also, make sure that your big idea feels genuine. It should be very clear what the intended impact is. Don’t be shy about the fact that you’re promoting your organization while doing good. Trying to mask that will only make people suspicious.

It needs to work!

Design your cause marketing strategy around the relationships and strengths that you have in place. It’s great to have a good idea, but make sure that it’s something you can execute.

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2. Plan Your Cause Marketing Strategy

Once you’ve gotten your big idea articulated and organized your team and relationships to make it real, it’s time to start planning your cause marketing strategy.

Who cares?

Your cause marketing strategy should be designed in such a way that it’s relevant to the existing target audience of your product or organization. You want to recruit potential customers around a cause to show that you align philosophically and that they can do good by doing business with you. Identify which audience segments you will target.

Our client UBELONG runs sophisticated volunteer abroad and educational expedition programs around the world. They’ve recently begun doing “Through the Lens” trips where professional photographers and videographers attend to document a specific issue, such as child labor or immigration, in a part of the world. These photos and documentaries are then publicized in places like the Washington Post, and all over the internet to draw attention to the issues, while at the same time recruiting new volunteers.

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3. Activate Your Cause Marketing Strategy

As in the case with UBELONG, a properly planned and executed cause marketing strategy can garner serious media attention. Be sure to leverage targeted social media campaigns to consistently promote your campaign. The internet is always looking for a great story!

Your messages must be polished and communicated visually to get the proper attention. Hire a professional designer to brand your cause marketing campaign and create promotional materials such as:

  • social media assets graphics and animations
  • advertisements
  • email campaigns
  • a cause marketing website
  • videos
  • product packaging

While it may seem counter-intuitive to invest in polished design when trying to do good, it’s critical that you’re taken seriously, and that’s done through thoughtful design.

Bring it all Together

Conceiving, planning and activating a powerful cause marketing strategy is no small endeavor, but if you keep the big idea in mind, and execute a thoughtfully-designed campaign through polished communication, you can see your cause marketing flourish.

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